Is an alarm system expensive?

The cost of an alarm system really depends on your individual needs. We are committed to work with you in identifying the most cost-effective system to meet your needs.

How long does an installation take?

Installations of our basic system can take anywhere between 4 and 6 hours depending on the type of your home, and system chosen.

Will my security system work without a landline?

Yes. Digital cellular and IP communication technology is available for transmission of alarm events. This is a service utilized by your security system to communicate with the central station either as a primary or backup means (in case the phone line fails). The cost of either of these new technologies is less than the monthly phone charge.

Is there a discount with my insurance company if I get an alarm system?

Most insurance companies do give a discount to alarm system owners. If requested, Ideal Security will provide the necessary proof of alarm monitoring certificate that is required by your insurance company.

What if I have pets in my house?

The latest design in motion sensors allow for pet movement while still providing protection. A pet immune motion sensor is designed so that a pet that is under a certain weight will not cause the alarm to trigger. This is achieved through state of the art, dual sensor technology, located in the motion device.