Carbon Monoxide Detectors Save Lives

Carbon monoxide, known as the silent killer, is an odorless and colorless gas produced by stoves, burning charcoal and wood, as well as gas ranges and heating systems. Each year carbon monoxide poisoning kills 400 people and hospitalizes another 4,000. Without a Carbon Monoxide monitor, there’s no way to protect your family from this deadly, odorless gas. Sensors alert emergency personnel when unsafe CO levels are detected. Trained professionals in the Customer Monitoring Center call for emergency help when unsafe CO levels are detected. Gas detection technology targets CO and ignores other airborne substances.

Water Sensor Saves Money Preventing Flood

Pipe bursts, faulty water heaters or washing machines can cause significant damage. Get alerts of water leaks early, to help avoid potentially severe and costly water damage. Stop water damage before it starts. Flood sensors can notify Ideal Security’s customer monitoring centers of rising water in the home, whether it’s from a broken pipe, overflowing washer or an external source.

Sensors strategically located in your home alert you to extreme environmental changes, including cold, heat and humidity.  Ideal Security temperature monitoring safeguards the comfort of your family members and pets, and helps reduce the risk of frozen pipes and damage to climate-sensitive wines, collectibles or other valuables. Remote access allows you to stay connected and change your heating and air conditioning as needed. Receive alerts via smartphone or tablet to minimize the risk of damage.


  • Affordable, reliable and fast alarm responses.
  • 24/7 best-in-class monitoring to protect your home against flood, fire, burglary, and more.